(🇬🇧scroll for English) Van 25-28 mei vindt in Roemenië de 20ste editie plaats van de Vinarium International Wine Contest, een wedstrijd die openstaat voor alle wijnen uit de hele wereld. Dit jaar is er een wel heel bijzonder project aan gekoppeld: ENOVART. Hierbij draait het allemaal om wijn, kunst en innovatie. Iedereen kan meedoen! (En voor de competitie… wijnsamples inzenden kan nog tot 6 mei!)

The 20th edition of the Vinarium International Wine Contest will take place in Romania from May 25-28, a competition open to all wines from around the world. This year a very special project is  linked to the competition: ENOVART. This is all about wine, art and innovation. Everyone can participate! (And for the competition… you can submit wine samples until May 6th!)

VINARIUM 2023 EDITION is taking place 25-28 May 2023 in the Dealu Mare Wine Region, Romania. Renowned international jurors are coming to Ploiesti, Prahova County, to evaluate the wines from all over the world.

VINARIUM International Wine Contest 2023 is open to all categories and types of wine, as defined in the “International Code of Oenological Practices”, which were produced in compliance with the legislation of the country of origin. Other special wines or grape-based products, must or wine, as well as spirituous beverages of vitivinicultural origin, will be admitted in the Contest. VINARIUM has a dedicated section for BIO Wines!

The registration date and receiving of samples have been EXTENDED until 7th of May 2023 including. You can register your samples here.


ENOVART is a call to creativity and (…sustainability!), focused on manufacturing design elements by giving objects new uses while using raw materials from the world of wine.

To whom ENOVART is addressed

“We invite artists, designers, skillful in creating graphics & trompe de l’oeil (“fooling the eye”), laviu en vin (wine ink) on any support (wall, ceramic pots or wood, paper, cloth) or decorative objects,  pure art – using materials specific to wineries (staves, barrels, wine bottles, cork stoppers, amphorae, glasses… and the list goes on) or some emerged from the creative universe itself, with limits that we cannot even grasp.”

Anyone can sign up!

The ENOVART competition is open to anyone interested with no restriction whatsoever.

Session open until October 1st, 2023
Intermediate stage, but not mandatory, June 6th, 2023

ENOVART is a call that we send out to all those in love with art and wishing to participate in a competition organized under the umbrella of VINARIUM, i.e., to launch a unanimously valid message:

The art of wine is not just about the wine in the glasses,
but about everything that surrounds it!

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By way of illustration:

  • Staves – painted, fretted, burned, carved, with metal/resin inserts; gold foil-covered barrique stave on a pedestal, as a real fairy bird, flying bird, ray of light (see Brâncuși);
  • The wooden screw turned into a totem, or practical – glass table leg/luminaire;
  • Long story short – anything is allowed: trompe de l’oeillaviu en vin (wine ink), hot carved polystyrene, resins (with grapes or vegetable materials), fascia boards, windows, shutters, doors – transformed into tables and other decorative objects;
  • Ceramic roof pipes and tiles, new ceramic pots (antiqued or not);
  • Cork stoppers, cut/melted glass bottles (e.g.  lighting fixtures);
  • Replicas of old objects (ceramic pots, wooden screws, winepresses, etc.)
Vinarium ENOVART inspiration

Vinarium ENOVART inspiration

Vinarium ENOVART drieluik

Art, ingenuity, and material intelligence, upcycling taken one at a time, in pairs, or all together.

More about ENOVART on iwcb.ro-enovart-contest


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