Turkey is a very popular destination for sun seekers from the Netherlands. There were more than 1.1 million Dutch visiting Turkey in 2019. Most of us visit places like Antalya, Alanya, Bodrum and Marmaris. We all love a bit of wine and when it comes to summer holidays it is a great idea to have a rosé wine. In this article by Serhat Narsap*, we will learn more about the wines of Turkey and he will present his book about the rosé wines Turkey has got to offer.

There are seven regions in this vast country that is surrounded by seas, to the north, west and to the south. There are many rivers and mountains that create a dramatic natural landscape in parts of the country. All these features are good factors resulting in some best wines of the Eastern Mediterranean region. Grapes are grown every where and wine is made by a staggering nearly 400 wineries. Turkey has a vast area of 512000 hectares of vineyard area. One of the top 5 in the world! However majority of this goes into dried raisins. Let’s look at the rest in detail.  

Out of 100 different wine grapes grown, Turkey boasts 40 to 50 indigenous grapes that are commercially grown and turned into wine. Around 60% of the production is red. The rest is white and rosé wines. The wines are made with international grape varieties, the local varieties or blends of the two.  

Turkish rosé wines

One of the gems of Turkish wines are her rosé wines. These wines stand out with their fruit forward structure, a great perfume and full body. Most of them are serious rosés that can match perfectly with local and international cuisine. Serhat Narsap DipWSET, Turkish wine expert from London, tasted 40+ roses wines from the 2019 vintage and compiled his notes in a compact report written for us consumers.

“The rose wines from Turkey are impeccable. They have a unique character; the sunshine and fruit encapsulated in your glass. They offer a lot. The prices are also attractive as euro to lira is quite strong.” – Serhat Narsap  

About Serhat Narsap

*Born in Istanbul, lived in three continents, Serhat came to London in 2002 to work for the construction of UK’s first high speed rail. He holds diploma from the Wine and Spirit Education Trust. Serhat conducts masterclasses regularly to wide audiences. He organises and leads wine tours around the world. He is a regular wine judge at many wine competitions. Serhat speaks English, Turkish, French, Italian, Spanish and Arabic fluently. He loves watching Matt Damon and Julian Moore.

About the book: “A consumer guide for wine lovers. In this review, more than 40 number of Turkish rosé wines were tasted. A suggested food pairing is also recommended for each wine”.

boek serhat rose

To fully access the report, please follow this link on iTunes.

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