(Scroll for English) Op zaterdag 11 maart 2023 ontmoetten professionals en amateurs, liefhebbers van ‘vines & wines’ elkaar tijdens de eerste editie van de wedstrijd “The Best Grapevine Pruner in Romania”, georganiseerd door Wines of Romania onder de bescherming van het National Office of Vine and Wine Products ( ONVPV). Deelnemers van verschillende wijngaarden in het land, “gewapend” met een schaar en goed ontwikkelde methoden, testten die dag hun vaardigheden en bekwaamheid. Lees verder in onderstaand (Engelstalig) persbericht. 

🇬🇧On Saturday 11 March 2023, professionals and amateurs, lovers of vines and wine met during the first edition of the contest “The Best Grapevine Pruner in Romania”, organised by Wines of Romania under the patronage of the National Office of Vine and Wine Products (O.N.V.P.V.). The competition was hosted by the Didactic Research and Development Station for Viticulture and Pomiculture Pietroasa Istrița, Buzău County, where future horticulture professionals, graduates of the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Bucharest, are trained.

The national competition for dry-cutting vines has brought to the fore a category of specialists who are rarely in the limelight, but whose work in the vineyard is extremely important for everything that goes into making wine.
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Pruning vines is one of the most important jobs in a vineyard, and the focus of this first edition of the competition organised by Wines of Romania was on a particular type of pruning that limits the attack of pathogens that cause wood diseases, favouring a constant production of grapes and contributing to the longevity of the vineyard. I was honoured to be part of the judging panel together with Fabio Sorgiacomo and Vicenç Canals, two wine professionals from advanced viticulture countries, Italy and Spain. Everyone involved, organisers, hosts, competition participants, jury team, partners and volunteers were at their best, contributing to the success of this initiative and I am convinced that this competition will become a tradition“, said Ion Marian, jury president, viticulture specialist with more than 30 years of experience, engineer and PhD in science, coordinator of wine research projects, organiser of scientific sessions, national debates, workshops and microsessions at ICDVV Valea Călugărească.

Competitors from several vineyards in the country, some coming from hundreds of kilometres away, “armed” with scissors and well-developed methods, tested their skills and prowess on Saturday. Each of them had to clear 10 logs in 20 minutes, so it took a lot of skill, attention and speed to win.

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The initiative to create a nationwide competition is an excellent idea to ensure that the future of Romanian viticulture and wines will mean evolution in terms of quality, but also reputation. The organisation of the competition was extraordinary and we could see this from the support of the partners, the joining of the wineries, the level of the participants, but also from the comments and reflections that the judges had. It is also worth highlighting the timeliness of this initiative in the context of discussions about the impact of climate change on the wine sector and how the different wine-growing areas of Romania will develop and evolve,” said Vicenç Canals, juror, viticulture expert with over 10 years of experience in vineyard management, professor at the Academia de Poda (Academy of Vine Pruning) in Spain, from where he offers courses in dry vine pruning throughout Spain and Portugal.

After careful evaluation by the jury, the winners were chosen. The three jurors, experienced viticulturists from Romania, Italy and Spain, evaluated both technique and execution time and designated the winners: first place – Dănuț Ploscaru, second place – Constantin Udrea, third place – Paul Huieț.

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I think this is a historic moment for Romanian viticulture, which must continue to increase its level of knowledge and awareness of its qualitative potential. Now, the challenge for all wineries is to compete without fear with the most famous wine-growing areas in the world. The diverse origins and enthusiasm of the competitors attest to this desire. Thank you Wines of Romania for the opportunity to participate in the first national viticulture competition, which I am sure will grow in importance and scope in the coming years. To my knowledge, it is the only competition of its kind to be held at a national level, and this should be a source of pride not only for the organizers and participants, but for the entire wine world in Romania“, said Fabio Sorgiacomo, juror, agronomist with 30 years of experience in the viticulture field, acquired through collaboration with various top Italian companies, currently agronomist manager at Giotto Consulting, one of the most important oenological and viticultural consulting, research and training companies.

The contest “The Best Grapevine Pruner in Romania” will become a tradition and will be held annually at the Didactic Research and Development Station for Viticulture and Pomiculture Pietroasa Istrița.

The prizes worth around 10,000 euros were awarded with the support of partners Biosystems Romania, Corteva Agriscience, Da Bacco, Valdo Invest and the Didactic Research and Development Station for Viticulture and Pomiculture Pietroasa Istrița. but also with the support of media partner Agrointeligenta and mobility partner BlackCab.

Wines of Romania (www.winesofromania.com) is a project dedicated to the sustainable development of the national and international success of Romanian wine.

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Together, we take Romanian wine to the world!


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