VINARIUM International Wine Contest 2023: the results

The 20th edition of the VINARIUM International Wine Contest 2023 took place in Ploiești, located in the Dealu Mare Wine Region in Romania, at the PRAHOVA PLAZA Hotel. 11 Grand Gold Medals were given to wineries from Azerbaijan, Italy, Republic of Moldova, Romania and Ukraine.  There were 1311 samples registered from 23 countries: Argentina, Australia, [...]

Results of the VINARIUM International Wine Contest and special FIJEV Awards

The results of the 19th Edition of VINARIUM International Wine Contest have been announced. VINARIUM 2022 was held in May 2022 at the Constanta Exhibition Pavilion in the wine-growing and historical Region of Dobrogea. Over four days, 47 international judges have tasted 1299 wines entered by 16 countries. There have been awarded 385 medals: • [...]

Wines of Romania – Pure Experiencies

How about exploring Romania’s wine regions, local grape varieties while all the time tasting food and wine and exploring the country’s unique history and culture. In brief this is the main concept behind Wines of Romania – Pure Experiences.

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