Ben jij er al een keer geweest? De Speak-easy cocktailbar Dr. in Rotterdam? Nee? Dat is jammer, want nu kan het niet meer. Ook dit geweldige concept is horeca-slachtoffer van de corona-crisis en moet de deuren sluiten. Maar… ‘Will be back’ is de belofte.

Announcement of closure of our Dr.’s practice.

With great sadness we are to announce that the location we have called our practice for over eight years, the place where we treated so many patients and served so many elixirs, is no longer our Dr.’s office. 

dr rotterdam

Due to the recent developments concerning COVID-19 and the shutdown of so many venues, we also were forced to close our doors on March 15, to contain the spread of the virus. Even though on June 1 businesses were allowed to open back up, albeit with strict rules and regulations, our little practice appeared not suitable for opening. Maintaining the social distancing in the small space we call our Dr.’s office would simply not allow us to provide our service in a safe and pleasurable manner while delivering our elixirs and experience the way we are used to. 

Unsure about the future developments in this situation, we have no other choice than to terminate the location we have occupied all these years since our opening in January 2012.

However, the closing of the location does not mean the end of Dr. Our team of Dr.’s is still eagerly waiting to treat our guests in the same way we’ve been doing for all these years and looking forward to serving our potions and elixirs again. We will use this opportunity to recuperate from this situation, to doctor up so to speak and to reorganize, relocate and recover.  At the moment we are looking into different and better ways and locations to come back around. 

Dr. Rotterdam gaat sluiten barkeeper

We would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to all the patients we’ve had the privilege to treat over the years. The partners we’ve had in doing so, the colleague Dr.’s we have had working with us, as well as the guest practitioners we have welcomed to join us behind the bar. 

Dr. is not down and out. We will rise to the occasion and come back bigger, stronger and healthier. For now we would like to ask everyone to keep self medicating and patiently wait with us. We will be back!

In the meantime, our elixirs can still be enjoyed at our other venue, Calaboose!

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