🇳🇱De Spirits of the Year 2020 werden op 8 juli gepresenteerd tijdens een live virtuele prijsuitreiking. In totaal werden 314 spirits gehuldigd door de jury van de 17e Meininger’s International Spirits Award ISW competition, gehouden in Duitsland.

🇬🇧The Spirits of the Year 2020 were presented on the 8th of July during a live virtual award ceremony. A total of 314 spirits were honoured by the jury of the 17th Meininger’s International Spirits Award ISW competition, held in Germany.

Spirit of the year jury

Jury member Nils Wrage / credits: AD LUMINA, Ralf Ziegler

Gin trend continues

The gin category was once again strongly represented, with almost 200 products tasted and rated. As in previous years, this category shows that gin – a universal drink which can be used both pure and in long drink or cocktail variants – is characterised by a wide range of taste interpretations. The two best gins of 2020 are the “Broker’s Dry Gin” (Gin of the Year 2020 international) and the “Playboy Gin” (Gin of the Year 2020 national), which is produced exclusively by the finch® Whisky Distillery.

German whisky triumphs

German whisky is one of the winners of this year’s spirits competition, with a total of 16 whiskies from Germany winning one of the coveted medals. The special award “German Whisky of the Year 2020” goes to the Ayrer’s Alligator of the Hausbrauerei Altstadthof, which was also the only whisky in the competition to be awarded the highest distinction “Grand Gold”. “More whisky is not possible,” was the brief but clear verdict of the jury.

Well-known spirits and new discoveries

Among the Spirits of the Year are well-known spirits such as “Linie Aquavit Double Cask Port” (Aquavit of the Year 2020), “Broker’s Dry Gin” (Gin of the Year 2020 international) and “Asbach Selection 21 Years Aged” (German Brandy of the Year 2020), along with a large number of new discoveries such as “Luk Handcrafted Vintage Korn” from the Birkenhof distillery (Korn of the Year 2020) or the “CINECANE Popcorn Rum Gold” from Tastillery (Spirits Innovation of the Year 2020).

The “Spirit of the Year 2020” award for the best spirit in the whole competition, goes this year to France to the Domaine Tariquet for the “Pure Folle Blanche 15 ans”.

The best distilleries of this year’s competition are the Italian Distilleria Sibona (Distiller of the Year 2020 international) with 10 Gold and 4 Silver medals and Lantenhammer (Distiller of the Year 2020 national) with 1 Grand Gold, 7 Gold and 2 Silver.

The top 5 countries: Germany (8 Grand Gold, 81 Gold and 46 Silver); Italy (1 Grand Gold, 41 Gold, 12 Silver); France (1 Grand Gold, 16 Gold, 3 Silver); Great Britain (14 Gold, 5 Silver), and Switzerland (10 Gold, 1 Silver).

“Over four days this year, our almost 50 spirits experts tasted their way through the great and diverse world of spirits to award only the best with a medal. Each category, be it fine fruit spirits, peaty whisk(e)ys, aged brandies, herbal and fruit liqueurs or the wide and diverse world of gin, which has been around for years, was incredibly well represented,” said Christian Wolf, the Tasting Director.

A virtual award ceremony was held this year, moderated by Tasting Director Christian Wolf and Meininger Verlag’s spirits expert, Alexander Thürer. Although the ceremony was mostly virtual, the awards for the “Spirits of the Year 2020” were given to the master distillers, who were present in person. The fact that the competition could take place at all in times of a global pandemic is due to the great hygiene efforts made by the organisers. Thus, this year’s award could offer a worthy platform for the best spirits.

All special awards as well as all results of the ISW 2020 can be found on MEININGER ONLINE as well as in the magazine “BRANNT – magazine for iconic spirits” (www.meininger.de/de/brannt) which will be published at the end of September.

Spirits of the Year de flessen

All special awards at a glance

Spirit of the year 2020
Domaine Tariquet Pure Folle Blanche 15 ans
Château du Tariquet

Brand spirit of the year 2020
Malteserkreuz Aquavit
Arcus Denmark

 Distiller of the year 2020 international
Distilleria Sibona
10 Gold, 4 Silver

Distiller of the year 2020 national
Lantenhammer Distillery
1 Grand Gold, 7 Gold, 2 Silver

 Whisky of the year 2020 international
Bowmore 19 Years
Beam Suntory Germany

German whisky of the year 2020
Ayrer’s Alligator
Hausbrauerei Altstadthof

Rum of the year 2020
Rhum Savanna Traditionnel Le Must
Distillery de Savanna 

Gin of the year 2020 international
Broker’s Dry Gin
McCormick Distilling Int. Ltd. – Broker’s 

Gin of the year 2020 national
Playboy Gin
finch® Whisky distillery

Aquavit of the year 2020
Line Aquavit Double Cask Port
Arcus Norway

Fruit liqueur of the year 2020 international
Crème de Pamplemousse rose (Pink grapefruit liqueur)

Fruit liqueur of the year 2020 national
Williams Liqueur 0,5l 25% vol.
Lantenhammer Distillery 

Fruit spirit of the year 2020
Caldiff Privat
Roner AG Distilleries, South Tyrol

Spice liqueur of the year 2020
AH Riise Lakrids Shot Danish liquorice liqueur
A.H. Riise Spirits

Grappa of the year 2020
La Grappa di Nebbiolo
Distilleria Sibona SpA

Vermouth of the year 2020
Gamondi Vermouth di Torino Superiore Rosso
Toso SpA 

Vodka of the year 2020
KINETIC Single Estate German Vodka
Hardenberg-Wilthen AG

Spirits Innovation of the year 2020
CINECANE Popcorn Rum Gold
Tastillery GmbH

Bitter spirit of the year 2020
Diversa Spezialitäten GmbH

German brandy of the year 2020
Asbach Selection 21 years matured
Asbach GmbH

Korn of the year 2020
Luk Handcrafted Vintage Grain
Birkenhof Distillery GmbH

Liqueur of the year 2020
Coffee liqueur 0,5l 25% vol.
Lantenhammer Distillery GmbH

Egg liqueur of the year 2020
Egg liqueur with a shot of rum 15% vol.
Rola Weinbrennerei- und Likörfabrik GmbH & Co.KG

About Meininger’s International Spirits Award ISW

The international spirits competition was launched 17 years ago by the Meininger publishing house. Once a year, spirits experts from all over the world gather in Neustadt, Germany, to taste and evaluate spirits of all kinds from all over the world. Founded in Neustadt an der Weinstrasse in 1903, Meininger Verlag is one of the oldest German specialist publishing houses. The company specialises in the wine and spirits industry. Internationally, Meininger Verlag has made a successful name for itself with the MUNDUS VINI Grand International Wine Award. In addition to well-known trade journals, the media company organises trade fairs, industry events and specialist congresses. Meininger Verlag’s portfolio also includes FINEST SPIRITS in Munich, the trade fair for premium spirits with an international festival character.


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