Judges at the 2021 International Canned Wine Competition awarded gold medals to 85 of the 335 wines entered. Wines from sixteen countries as well as all over the United States competed, including an explosion of wine-based spritzers and seltzers.

“This year the number of entries increased with a 50%. Apart from canned wine, hard seltzers are becoming more and more popular. These drinks contain carbonated water, alcohol and are often (99%) naturally fruit flavoured. Apart from the low alcohol content (around 5% abv) and the natural fruit flavours, the calorie-content is relatively low, which all fits the lifestyle of the younger generations.” – says Dennis Doorakkers, International Ambassador of the Canned Wine Competition.

California leads, Europe approaching fast

As could be expected most medals were given to wines from the USA. It is in Lodi, California, where one of the first canned wines were produced and a lot of producers followed. Canned wines are booming all over the USA. California leads with 27 gold medals, followed by Oregon (5), Washington (4), New York (3) and Michigan(1).

A total of 19 gold medals were given to canned wines from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Chile, Brazil, India and South Africa.

In Europe the wines from France were leading (10), followed by Italy (8) Spain (3), Austria (2) and Germany and Hungary with each one wine.

A separate category was intended for the design of the cans. Judges in this package design competition were overwhelmed by the number of sophisticated and unique designs that were presented.

To see the complete list of results ánd the beautiful designs: cannedwinecompetition.com/results-2021

More about this competition: cannedwinecompetition.com

Registration for next year’s competition will open in January 2022.

Photo’s of the canned wines: International Canned Wine Competition

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