The International Bulk Wine Competition 2018 will be held tomorrow, the 25th of november. This competition provides a trigger for Amsterdam’s remarkable bulk wine fair. Wines from 11 different countries participate in the only international competition that awards quality bulk wines.

The International Bulk Wine Competition, which is the only international contest that awards and promotes the quality of bulk wines from all across the globe, will be held one day prior to the World Bulk Wine Exhibition and, this year, has summoned wine samples from 11 different origins: Georgia, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Italy, Uruguay, France, South Africa, Australia, Romania and the US.
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World’s best quality bulk wines

One of the main quality seals that endorse this international competition is the jury that participate in it, a score of prestigious professionals coming from 20 different countries, who will be in charge of tasting the wine references which are divided as follows: 50% red wines, 38% White wines, 6% rosés, 6% liqueur wines and 2% spirits. The International Bulk Wine Competition follows guidelines of the OIV and every year boosts the world’s best bulk wines, regardless of their origin, only based on quality criteria. A remarkable jury comes to Amsterdam from the five continents in order to participate in this competition, the only one worldwide that awards the quality of wine in bulk.

The jury, coinciding with the 10th World Bulk Wine Exhibition consists of:

Shay Waterworth – taster and journalist at Drinks International, UK
Andrew Oliver, taster and sales director for The Drink Business, UK
Robert Joseph, specialized journalist and writer, UK
Elizabeth Gabay, Master of Wine, UK
Paul Robert Blom, taster and professor, The Netherlands
Anne-Wies Van Oosten, specialized journalist, The Netherlands
Béatrice da Ros, oenologist and manager for EURL Oenologues de France, France
Olivier Callot, taster and buyer, France
Marina García, marketing manager at González Byass, Spain
Salvina Martinico, oenologist at Enoitalia, Italy
Silvia Anthonj, specialized writer, Germany
Cruz Liljegrem, journalist and manager at Premium Wine Broker, Sweden
Liza B. Zimmerman, director at The Wine Chick, USA
Deborah Parker, DWSET and international journalist, USA
Réal Wolfe, director of the wine division for the agency Univins et spiritueux, Canada
Leonardo Montes, taster, Uruguay
Cristina Pandolfi, oenologist, Argentina
Osvaldo Marinao, commercial attaché at ProChile in The Netherlands, Chile
Sergio Correa, oenologist, Chile
Wanda Augusty, editor in chief for WineLand, South Africa
Samih Dardouri, general manager of SAVIS, Cameroon
Dan Traucki, journalist for Australia’s Wine Business Magazine and international taster, Australia
Khean Hooi Goh, wine consultant, Singapore
Leona De Pasquale Wong, specialized journalist, Taiwan
Megumi Nishida, specialized journalist, Japan
Subhash Arora, president of the Indian Wine Academy, India

World Bulk Wine Exhibition

Tomorrow we will discover the wineries and wines awarded this year, which serves as a driving component for the opening of the 10th World Bulk Wine Exhibition launching on Monday 26th and expected to host more than 6,000 professionals from all over the globe.

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