🇳🇱(Scroll for English) Wijnliefhebbers uit Roemenië, Tsjechië en Polen krijgen de komende drie jaar verschillende mogelijkheden om Hongaarse wijnen te proeven en hun kennis van Hongarije als wijnland uit te breiden dankzij een nieuw initiatief: de Fine Wines Association.

🇬🇧Winelovers of Romania, the Czech Republic and Poland will have several opportunities to taste Hungarian wines and deepen their knowledge of Hungary as a wine country in the next three years due to a new initiative: the Fine Wines Association.

The four founders of Fine Wines Association have a clear concept and strategy: Fine Wines Association (FWA) was established with the goal of educating wine lovers, wine professionals and visiting tourists about the merits of Central and Eastern European wines and in particular Hungarian wines.

Hungary is a country with a remarkable history in viticulture and wine production but when it comes to international markets it is still only an up-and-coming player. The rich diversity of local varieties and terroirs has not been explored by the rest of the world yet.

The four members are the following estates:
– Etyeki Kúria (Upper Pannon Wine Region: Etyek-Buda & Sopron
– Tóth Ferenc Winery (Upper Hungary wine region: Eger)
– Tokaj-Hétszőlő Organic Vineyards (Tokaj wine region: Tokaj)
– Vida Péter Szekszárd (Pannon Wine Region: Szekszárd)

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Source: press release

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