🇳🇱In de eerste week van juli vond in Polen, tegelijk met het International Rosé Championship, de Cool Climate Wine Awards competitie plaats. 12 juryleden uit 7 landen proefden wijnen uit de A- en B klimaatzones. Wijnen uit Duitsland, Roemenië, Slovenië, Tsjechië, USA, Polen, Hongarije en Oostenrijk vielen in de prijzen. 

🇬🇧The Jury of the 2nd edition of the Cool Climate Wine Awards is proud to present the official list of the winners. The wines were scored by 12 judges representing 7 countries. The wines receiving most divergent scores where retasted by the chairs of each table. All the jurors retasted also all the gold medal wines to find the winners (on the basis of the rule that best score wins).

Cool Climate Wine Awards jury

What is cool climate?

The term is still indefinite. For the sake of CCWA competition all the wines produced in EU climate zones A and B plus Switzerland and Norway are accepted, and wines are welcome from all other wine regions, subregions or districts that may prove to fulfill at least one of the following demands:
– less than 1389 GDD in ⁰C units or less than 2500 GDD in ⁰F units (region 1b and 1a in Winkler Index)
– max. growing season average temperature of 16⁰C or 61⁰F

Cool Climate in Europa

Why the Cool Climate Wine Awards

Wine has many faces. It’s sometimes difficult to compare wines of most diverse grapes, terroirs or climates. Is it fair to taste – say – northernmost European Merlots next to their bombastic counterparts from Australia? We think it isn’t. We are cool climate wine geeks that appreciate elegance, zestiness and fresh fruit aromas in our glasses. We think it’s time to bring together all the best wines made of varieties able to reach perfection in unfavourable conditions of Northern Europe and America as well as southernmost parts of New World.

Check the complete list of results here

Cool Climate Wine Awards gold 2020


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