CMB 2019 in Zwitserland: registratie geopend

  • CMB 2019 inschrijving geopend uitgelicht

CMB 2019 in Zwitserland: registratie geopend

Set between the mountains and Lake Geneva, the 2019 Concours Mondial de Bruxelles invites you to break away from the pack for the next competition in Switzerland. The 26th Concours Mondial de Bruxelles promises to be invigorating. After discovering Beijing, one of the world’s largest capitals, the CMB is heading for the world cycling capital: Aigle. Nestled above Lake Geneva, the town is offering the competition a real breath of fresh air.

Vaud Wine Regio

Switzerland’s second-largest wine growing Canton, Vaud is proud of its wines. A land of contrast, it is home to 8 appellations and 6 wine areas, each of which nurtures its defining features. Six different climates, atmospheres, tourist destinations and unique discoveries, all of them incomparable and as diversified as they are radiant, reflecting the variety offered by the Vaud wine region. The shores of Lake Geneva, from which the wine region of Lavaux rises up, are famous throughout the world thanks to the terraced vineyards listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The winegrowers of Vaud share a passion for wine, hospitality and the exceptional landscapes where their vineyards flourish.

At the heart of the UCI

Cycling enthusiasts from around the world will be familiar with the town for its World Cycling Centre. In 2002, the International Cycling Union created an international sports complex here. The complex was endorsed by the International Olympic Committee as an Olympic training centre. Every year, young cyclists from across the globe come to the centre to perfect their training and aim for gold. The space in the centre of the 200m-long wooden cycle track will be dedicated to the tastings. During the competition, the site will be completely redesigned to guarantee the best tasting conditions for the judges.

“Register now, and enter the first stage towards winning an award!”

Ready, set, go for #CMB2019!

Entries for the 26th Concours Mondial de Bruxelles are now open. Please visit our website under the ‘Registration’ tab. After reaching an all-time high in 2018 with over 9,000 entries, the number of products competing could be the same or even higher next year, say the organisers. However, they also stress that growth is not the competition’s primary objective. “We are looking to maintain the level of quality”, comments Thomas Costenoble, CMB managing director. “Once we have reached approximately 9,000 entries, we reserve the right to end registrations, even before the official closing date”, he adds.

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