The Summer Edition of the 24th Berliner Wine Trophy, which has taken place from September 3rd to 13th, in the German capital, has been successfully concluded. The participants have trusted in our competition despite these hard times. The expert wine judges were more focused than ever, partly thanks to the additional measures we took.

Berliner Wine Trophy collage

In these times of uncertainty and changing markets in the wine sector, it is more important than ever to stand out and be noticed by consumers. And the participants of the Berliner Wine Trophy, the largest wine challenge in Germany, seem to be aware of the importance of this competition. No less than 6,073 wines from all over the world were tasted for 11 days by an international panel of more than 150 jurors, who emphasized the increasingly high quality of the products. The conclusion: 1,834 medals were finally awarded (the rules of the OIV only allow 30% of the tasted wines to be prized), of which 30 correspond to the “Grand Gold” category, 1,636 are “Gold” and 168 belong to the “Silver” category.

The main protagonists have been, as usual, the wines. The medal-winners are dominated by Italian, German, Spanish and French wines, although the “new world” is an increasingly strong competitor with Australia, New Zealand or Chile showing their excellence. Also, organic wines, orange wines and lower-alcohol wines continue their ascending trend, as in past editions.

What makes this medal so unique?

According to a study performed by Geisenheim University, the Berliner Wine Trophy is the best-known international wine competition among German consumers. Unlike other wine contests, only 30% of the tasted products can be awarded (according to OIV rules). This limitation makes the medals of the BWT so valuable for the awarded wines. It does not matter if it’s in the supermarket, in the wine bar in your neighborhood, or in the online wine-shop, it definitely helps final consumers when making the purchase decision. In other words, our medals could help to increase sales.

Discover the awarded wines here

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